We have now stayed 3 nights in the isle of wight and are at my mum’s sister’s barn to stay our last night here. For the last few days we’ve been staying at Lisle Combe which is a B&B where we have stayed a couple of times before. It is a lovely place only a 10 minute walk from a lovely beach called Steephill Cove. There is only one problem-BOTH of the crazy golf places have closed for the winter! (well one of them is being dug up!) :P we normally play crazy golf every year when we go to the isle of wight so this is absolutely terrible!!!!!!!! Oh well there are still the 2p machines in the arcade :D :P :D Nx

And now we’ve been told we’ve got a Maths test next week, and that we’ve got to revise! To much homework!!!!!! :(           ;-)

Today we got loadsssssssss of homework!!! :( :( :( We are meant to get 3 pieces per day max. but today we got 4 pieces and one of them is a 300 words essay! Its all because of double history. We have 2 history lessons in a row with different teachers in different rooms and they BOTH gave us homework, as well as the RE and Art that we got. Its so unfair! :( !!! ;-)

My revision stuff! :(

My revision stuff! :(

TESTS!!! :(

Oh no got a science test tomorrow and a french test on Monday! And that’s not including all the homework! 

My muffins!!!!!

My muffins!!!!!

Mini carrot muffins

In our Food lessons today we made mini carrot muffins and mine went completely wrong! Firstly, I forgot to put the eggs in and only realised AFTER we’d put them in the oven! And then after 15 mins in the oven my muffins were still like sludgy dough. I left them in for another 5-10 mins and when i took them out they were burnt! So they didn’t really work, but they still taste amazing with the burnt bits cut off and spread with butter!!! :D


Few weeks ago started secondary school, shs. Loved the first week but then missed the whole of the next week because I had tonsillitis :(  Luckily it didn’t take me too long to catch up with all the work we had done! Tomorrow starting 5th week at shs (6th for most people!) and I’m already really tired! I’m not enjoying the homework but I’m sure I’ll get used to it!!!

N x

Just created my own blog. Still don’t know what I’m going to use it for though!

Inset day today so no school! :P

Been up to the rec with some friends and now have to start learning my script for a drama audition thing for school!

N x